A Live Record

Disc 1: Disc 2:

Peter Bardens: Keyboards
Andrew Latimer: Guitars, Flutes, Vocal
Andy Ward: Drums and Percussion
Mel Collins: Saxophones and Flute
Richard Sinclair: Bass on first 4 track, Vocals on 2 first tracks
Doug Ferguson: Bass on the rest of the tracks

A double live album, relflecting on the band's first 5 albums, with very good sound and playing. It has become a favourite among many fans for featuring many good songs as well as the whole of The Snow Goose, nicely performed with an orchestra. The early Ferguson-era songs were given an interesting touch by bass work and singing from Richard Sinclair.

Note: A remastered edition of A Live Record has been released in 2002 by Deram/Universal. This edition contains additional 40 minutes in 7 bonus tracks, as well as an alternative mix of The Snow Goose performance. The bonus songs are First Light, Metrognome, Unevensong, Raindances, Chord Change, The White Rider and Another Night. Read a comparitive review of the two releases.

*Ligging at Louis' is a cute boogie track, dated from 1974.
*A Live Record was received with mixed reactions from the press, and according to Latimer, most of them were not entirely unjustified. He claims "it was meant to be a life history rather than a great sounding live record".
* The London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Bedford, played on The Snow Goose performance.

Deram CD version includes notes by John Tracy.
LP: London 820 727-1, Decca R7/8, DBC-R 7-8, Decca BOX751 (slightly different cover). Released in April 1978.
CD: London ???, Deram 844 122-2, Deram 8829282
Approx Time: Total Playing Time: 50:26, 46:33

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