Coming of Age

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Andrew Latimer:    Guitars, Keyboards, Flute, Recorder, Vocals
Colin Bass:Bass, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Dave Stewart:Drums, Percussions, Samples
Foss Patterson:Keyboards

Recorded on March 13th, 1997 at The Billboard Live club in Hollywood, this double CD captures a whole evening of Camel's Harbour of Tears tour.
The CD booklet features concert photographs taken at the Great American Music Hall performance (March 9th, San Francisco) and tour photos taken by Susan Hoover and others.

*The CD sleeve was designed by Chris Cavalier and Marc Lisle, Camel fans who also introduced their own design for Camel's 1998 Tour Poster (check it out at their web site). The story behind the cover concept: "In the early stages of the design process, we kept thinking back to the coincidental timing of Camel's World tour with the appearance of Comet Hale-Bopp. Last year at this time, we had read in the news about the comet's increasing visibility, but had not seen it yet. While in San Francisco to finally see Camel live in concert, we happened to look up in the sky early one morning and there it was! An unforgettable astronomical event forever married to an unforgettable musical event. Andy and Susan liked the idea of using the comet as a theme because the entire band and crew (and fans) have visual impressions of it from various countries all along the tour route."

CD: CP-008CD
Approx Time:Total playing time: 61:27, 63.14

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