Never Let Go

Disc 1: Disc 2:

Andy Latimer: Guitars, Flute, Keyboards, Vocals
Colin Bass: Bass, Bass pedals, Keyboards, Vocals
Mickey Simmonds: Keyboards
Paul Burgess: Drums, Octopad, Bells, Tambourine

A live performance - the second "official" bootleg by Camel Productions. This is a two-disks set containing a complete, untouched live performance that took place in Enschede, Holland, September 8th, 1992 (although the cd booklet claims September 5th). Excellent sound quality, tight performance and a span of 2 hours give the listener the gripping sense of "being there", making this live album stand out from the other live records. Dust and Dreams, being performed in its entirety, is in my opinion even better than the original studio release, with Burgess' excellent drum support, and the band's ability to reproduce so many parts of the different instruments in this piece, making it hard to believe there are only four people on the stage.

*Latimer presents the songs in the order of their releases on Camel's albums, from 1973 to 1993. There is, however, no song from Stationary Traveller. Susan informs that Camel "didn't perform anything from Stationary Traveller on that tour, for no real reason. The material just didn't fit into the set time or flow-wise."
* Apparently, fans asked Camel Productions what instruments were played in the live gigs. CP answered this in their Nature of the Beast newsletter. Here it is:
1992 Tour Gear List:
Andrew: Fender Strat (Eric Clapton), Gibson Les Paul, Roger Giffin Strat, Ibanez Artist, Two Fender Twins (stereo), Mesa Boogie MKI, Armstrong Flute, Two Chandler stereo echo units, Strings: Ernie Ball regular slinky's, Picks: Fender Heavy, 2 Rat fuzz boxes, ebo sustainer, 2 whirlwind A&B, Boss chorus, electric harmonix, double tracker, CP70, Yamaha piano, D70 Roland.
Mickey: Roland RD1000, 2 Roland PC-200 controller keyboards, Yamaha DX-7, Roland D-50, Prophet 2002, Roland MKS80, Proteus 1+2, Roland Dep-5, Alesis Quadraverb, Function-Junction 8X8 and 16X16, Alesis Datadisk, Mackey 16-channel mixer, Carver power amp.
Colin: Wal bass, Zon fretless, Roland bass pedals, Roland PC-200 controller keyboard.
Paul: Yamaha kit, Paiste Cymbals, Roland Octopad, E-max sampler.
*The note on the CD liner notes saying "thank god Mickey can play with his feet" is an in joke

CD: CP-004CD
Approx Time:Total Playing Time: 59:23, 72:35

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